Worship Him Like You Really Believe It!

Worship Him Like You Really Believe It!

Worship Him like you really believe it! The Holy Spirit spoke this to my heart this morning in church while the praise and worship team lead the congregation in the song, “Such an Awesome God,” by Maverick City Music. Wow! This hit my heart like a lightning bolt! Do I truly believe what I am singing? Do I believe He is mighty, so holy, so wonderful, selfless, generous, and faithful? If nothing comes close to the Lord Almighty and nothing is as sweet as His love and mercy, then why am I not worshiping Him like I really believe it? Sing like I believe it, for heaven’s sake! Robustly! Exuberantly! So, I did! “That’s better!” whispered the Holy Spirit.

Apparently, the Holy Spirit was not through teaching me a thing or two or more.

Exude the love and presence of God through every pore. Tell someone about Jesus. Share what God has done for you. When you’re around others, let them see and hear Jesus more than they see and hear you.

Act like you love the Lord and that He is the most important person in your life. Obey Him. Live to please Him.

Offer your tithes and offerings freely and joyfully. Be a generous giver because He is. Support mission endeavors around the world because there are multiple millions on planet earth today who still have never heard about Jesus and have never held a Bible in their own language. That isn’t fair or right.

Serve Him by loving Him and loving others. Serve Him in the Church and in your neighborhood. Find ways to meet the practical needs of others and be a blessing to someone today.

Meditate and pray, which means spend time with the Creator God of the universe. Don’t scrimp on time spent with the Lord. Pray like you really believe He hears you and will answer you.

Embrace God’s Word for yourself. Read the Bible and apply it like He’s talking to you – because He is. This requires more time but well worth the investment every day.

I hear you, Holy Spirit. Thank you for the reminders, because I need this today.

Worship Him like you really believe it, because I do. I will also exude, act, offer, serve, meditate, and embrace Him like I really believe. And what do I have when I take the first letter of each of these seven activities? W – E – A – O – S – M – E. What? Wait. Rearrange these letters, and what do I have now? Yes, the God we serve is more AWESOME than we could ever put into human words.

Worship Him like you really believe it! “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom” (Psalm 145:3).