The Press Release

The press release for “Mom, God’s Got This: Jamie’s Story” is finalized and now reaching over 4,000 points around the world. Why? Because Jamie’s story is so much bigger than Texas or the U.S. and needs to circle the globe. It will help young adults and those young at heart pursue God’s call with everything in them and discover and fulfill the purpose for which God created them. Is it a difficult read? Yes, it is. Highly emotional and deeply moving, filled with laughter and tears, “Mom, God’s Got This” will help readers understand, like never before, the amazing grace of God available to us, His unending faithfulness to His children, and the powerful truth of God’s Word that reaches to the highest heavens, and at the same time, the deepest core of our soul.

Often when we lose someone we love, extenuating circumstances surrounding that death increase the heaviness of the grief process exponentially. But God… He is our hope, comfort, and strength to move forward. We find those things and more in Him only. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

God is a healing God but often does not heal our loved ones on this earth. So what do we do with that reality? We keep the faith and love God regardless. We trust Him and remind ourselves that He always does the right thing for His glory. We may never understand the answers to our questions, but He always understands, and I can trust Him completely.

So here’s the press release:
Mom, God’s Got This: Jamie’s Story” is the creation of published author, Karen F. Norton, preacher, teacher, author, and speaker who is in love with the Lord and has an insatiable appetite for God’s Word.
“I froze between the half walls, shelves on my right and left. Small green dishes lined those shelves, free gifts retrieved from packages of oatmeal. I have one to this day on proud display in my dining room hutch; it reminds me of her every time I look at it. I glanced into the back bedroom to my right, looking at the watermark clouds on the ceiling. How many times had I looked up at that ceiling from the bed below, imagination rampant?”
Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Karen F. Norton’s new book is a testament to the value of faith and family as shown through the relationship and actions of a mother and daughter. Despite devoting their lives to God, the author’s daughter tragically passed away. After the author lost her daughter, life was difficult, but with the help of God, family, and those close to the author, life went on. After surviving this ordeal, the author felt others could learn from her experience and also find healing in God’s grace, faithfulness, and the truth of His Word.
View a synopsis of “Mom, God’s Got This: Jamie’s Story” on YouTube.
Consumers can purchase “Mom, God’s Got This: Jamie’s Story” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.