Caleb’s Kite

Caleb’s Kite is the light-hearted story of a little boy whose Mommy lives in heaven.  While adults are often busy analyzing Jesus and heaven, children simply believe and believe simply.  Is there a child in your life who has suffered the loss of someone they love? Caleb’s Kite will bring a smile to their heart – and yours too.  Oh, that grown-ups could view loss through a child’s eyes!  “You have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children” (Luke 10:21).

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Connections Second Edition

This daily devotional will help you succeed in reading the Bible completely through in chronological order, and at the same time, help you better understand major themes in Scripture as well as God’s character.


Christian Author and Speaker, Karen Norton, has written Marginalysis – Building Margin into our Busy Lives, as a window into her own practice of establishing healthy boundaries. She defines this creative term by saying, Marginalysis is all about self-care and how to build and maintain healthy God-honoring margin in your life. In fourteen short but power-packed chapters, Karen illustrates how to integrate this principle into key areas impacting the development of body, soul, and spirit so that stress is reduced and the pressure of life’s demands do not prevent the blessings of deepening our relationship with God. For those who are struggling with finding consistent devotional time and managing the chaos of life, Karen’s book will be a guide and inspiration to establishing margins that result in renewal and refreshing. Marginalysis is God’s Word activated in every area of our life and ministry. I highly recommend it as a timely encouragement in stressful times.

Dr. Gaylan D. Claunch


North Texas District

Assemblies of God

Karen F. Norton is passionate about helping people strengthen their walk with the Lord by knowing, loving, and living out God’s Word in everyday life. An ordained minister, she served on a church staff for thirty years.

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Mom, God’s Got This

This is Jamie’s story–a true story of courage and obedience, faith and doubt, heartbreak and disappointment, inner struggles and victories.  A young East Texas girl who followed God’s call to the other side of the world, Jamie loved the lost and those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  Then why did she have to die?

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