Caleb’s Kite

Caleb’s Kite is the light-hearted story of a little boy whose Mommy lives in heaven.  While adults are often busy analyzing Jesus and heaven, children simply believe and believe simply.  Is there a child in your life who has suffered the loss of someone they love? Caleb’s Kite will bring a smile to their heart – and yours too.

Does reading the entire Bible seem overwhelming?  It doesn’t have to be.  You can read the Bible completely through in chronological order in one year, every year!  Whether you begin the year-long adventure in January or July, you will find Connections an invaluable companion to your very own Bible.

If you’re a super-busy person, Marginalysis is for you. If you’re a super-busy Christian, well that’s even better!

I wrote these eighty-two pages with you in mind. It’s true. We are all so busy (at least we think we are) that personal one-on-one time with our Creator God is squeezed right off the page, and a hundred time-eating less important activities prevail. How does this happen?

Marginalysis can help you reestablish and maintain healthy margins in your day, add mental clarity, reduce stress, and be more productive.


Marriage in Every Book of the Bible
Marriage in Every Book of the Bible – Perhaps you’re engaged, or a newlywed, or a marriage pro—regardless—God’s Word contains all the information you need in order to have a godly and successful marriage.
Mom, God’s Got This
Mom, God’s Got This is the true-life story of the author’s daughter, Jamie Norton Lund, who served God while teaching college English in Northern Asia.  It is a story of courage and obedience, faith and doubt, heartbreak and disappointment, inner struggles and victories.  But most of all, it is God’s story of grace, faithfulness, and the truth of His Word.

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