Still reading the Bible every day and using your devotional.  Really enjoying it!  Julie W

This is my second year to read through the Bible using Connections.  I love it!  Ladelle T

Beautifully written!  I can’t wait to read your book about your Jamie!  Karen S

I love your work!  Barbara R

Connections Second Edition is really helping me read the Bible every day!  Nelda P

My husband and I read Connections every day along with our Bible and just love it!  Kim M

I read “Mom, God’s Got This” in two nights.  I can’t tell you how Jamie’s story has impacted my life on so many levels!  I laughed out loud, and I cried many tears.  I will read this book again.  Sherry I

It was quite difficult to put “Mom, God’s Got This” down once I started reading it. Very compelling! Due to schedule, I had to read it in three separate settings! This book obviously gives me a deeper appreciation for Jamie’s life, ministry, pain, and fortitude. Her devoted commitment to God and others to the end was nothing short of inspiring and personally challenging. The journal entries were captivating! Thank you, Karen, for sharing Jamie’s story amidst your own grief. God does not waste our pain. Jamie would be so proud of her momma! Praying for China and the fruit that continues to produce due to her sacrificial giving and deep hearted love and devotion for her people!  Karen Y

Reading “Mom, God’s Got This” caused me to examine my own life.  Am I really accomplishing God’s purpose for my life?  Very compelling.  Bob F

I absolutely loved the book.  I could not put it down.  Makes me have a deep appreciation for Jamie, as well as you and Gene.  You inspire me to do more and study the Bible more.  I love you both.  Shirley M

Karen, your book was awesome.  I could not put it down.  Linda L

Karen, I recently finished reading your book “Mom God’s Got This”. I was touched so deeply that I’m not sure words can describe how deep. It is a beautifully written book that left me in tears and a few hours later in tears again. Thank you for writing this book as I know it will touch many people around the world. Jamie will never be forgotten.  Sandra W

Beautiful and very moving account of an amazing woman’s life.  Sally M

Thank you for this wonderful book so full of the amazing things God did in Jamie’s life. The love you and your family have for the Lord is such an inspiration to me. It is because of this book and your love for God that I want to read the Bible through and seek an even deeper relationship with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your family with the world.  Kim W

I read “Mom, God’s Got This” in three days!  So well written.  The Lord helped you write this book.  A wonderful book and you did an incredible job.  Pat F

A beautiful book and such a strong testimony of God’s amazing and sufficient grace, if we allow Him to have our lives and use them for His purpose!  I am re-reading the book, because there are so many important life lessons for Christians in the story of Jamie’s life.  Connie W

As I read “Mom, God’s Got This,” walls I have had around my heart for many years began to fall.  I felt every word.  Jamie’s story has had a huge impact on my life.  Melissa T

This book was both inspiring and heartbreaking for me.  Susie I

Reading it now!  Incredible!  Caree L

Beautiful! I ordered your books for my Christmas present! Very touching and loving.  Rhonda B

This book is amazing ! I read it very quickly because I could not put it down! Glenda S

I finally sat down and read through “Mom, God’s Got This” and I have to say that I am wowed. When I finally sat down to read it intently, I finished it in nearly one sitting. That sitting was filled with laughs and many tears and even moments to take a short break for praise and worship offered up to our incredible God.  Words cannot begin to describe how much this book ministered to me, not only because I myself will soon be going to China, but simply in building up my faith and giving me fresh vision of who God is and what He does.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book and I pray that it blesses many others. I’m already telling people about it.  Praise God for both you and Jamie.  DW

My wife loved your book about Jamie!  She cried throughout it and had to read much of it to me.  It’s really good.  Dennis L

I am reading “Mom, God’s Got This” from the beginning this time.  It’s like I have a devotion time with God every time I read it!  I have laughed so hard!  I am really getting to know your family.  Mark K

I just finished reading “Mom, God’s Got This” and I loved it.  I can feel Jamie’s deep passion for missions, and I see her life in the bigger picture of God’s grand design.  I would have loved to have known her.  Monica G

One of our Chi Alpha groups used your “Connections” this semester.  They especially loved learning about the Old Testament and how you weave Old and New Testaments together.  Ashley J

My good friend and I read “Mom, God’s Got This” together. It was like a Bible study for us. So good. Connie B

I cried my way through “Mom, God’s Got This,” and I think you did an incredible job depicting her life. Kellie E

I wish they would make a movie of Jamie’s life! Dawne A

Jamie was an amazing woman who lived by her faith and conviction. I was truly blessed to have spent so many years as her friend. Her story is powerful and her impact on the world continues with the help of her mother. Josh B

Thank you for sharing your story of forgiveness and healing. The Lord is going to use this in big ways and Jamie’s story will change lives. I believe it. Amy G

I am really grateful for your courage to tell Jamie’s story. It helped me put in perspective some of the things with which I’ve struggled. JW

I feel honored to get this glimpse into Jamie’s heart. I see so many of my own struggles mirrored there. Jamie will truly never be forgotten by those who loved her. Kelli C

I recommend “Mom, God’s Got This” to everyone. It’s a journey that we can all learn through!! If you have ever had doubt, if you have ever questioned your faith, this book will bless you beyond measure!! Wow. Just wow! Martha H

I wanted to tell you thank you for your books and your blog. All encourage me and help me in my walk with the Lord. I am praying that God will give you the words to write another book. You touch so many people with your words and scriptures. The Lord does so many wonderful things through you. I am currently reading the Bible through and am loving God’s word. I love Connections. Thank you again and please do consider another book. KW

“Mom, God’s Got This” is by far the best and most challenging book I have ever read. Jill G

Just finished reading “Mom, God’s Got This.” I needed what you said about forgiveness and grace. I am thankful for your transparency. Praying your book reaches so many. Lisa V

Karen, what a blessing and inspiration Jamie’s story is! I read it in 2 days…I just couldn’t put it down. Thank you for sharing this part of Jamie with us. Deb H

I loved your book (Mom, God’s Got This)!  I related so well to her stories of China.  I’ve also lost two children and your words ministered to me so much.  Thank you for writing her story. Alice D

An amazing story of love, trials, faithfulness, heartbreak, and the undeniable grace of God that surpasses ALL understanding! Karen S

I just finished reading “Mom, God’s Got This” a couple of hours ago. What a powerful testimony. I truly enjoyed reading Jamie’s story.