Prayer and Praise–My Walking Buddies

Prayer and Praise–My Walking Buddies

Prayer and Praise are the best walking companions I could ever have! I’ve already spent time with them inside the house today, but they are always eager and ready to go with me outside all the time. I think they know when I put on my shoes that I’m about to leave the house. They anxiously wait at the door, excited for the next new adventure.

“No, not today.” They know what that means too. They slowly walk away, saddened but never pushy and demanding. They will patiently wait for my return and then act like they haven’t seen me in forever!

“Oh, come on guys! Let’s go for a walk!” Instant joy is so contagious! What a pleasure it is for all three of us to be together! I keep them close beside me so we can all fully enjoy each other’s company. Like biscuits and gravy or peanut butter and jelly, Prayer and Praise are better together. It’s just not the same when one of them is missing.

Prayer and Praise have never met a stranger on our walks together and love everyone we encounter. I enjoy sharing their life and happiness with others we meet along the way. As we stop and take time to visit with a friend, known or unknown, Prayer and Praise always make themselves available for attention. If they are accepted and received, everyone walks away uplifted, refreshed, and encouraged.

However, there are times when Prayer and Praise are shunned and rejected by someone. My walking buddies don’t bite, but rejection and criticism do. That’s okay. We quickly get over it and move on to the next exploit.

Prayer and Praise make me smile. They long to be with me all the time and go everywhere with me. I nurture them, but they give back so much more: joy, peace, and God’s love to name a few. They are the best walking buddies ever!

“Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!” (Psalm 66:20).