Only Room for One on Our Pedestal

Only Room for One on Our Pedestal

When I step into my friend’s home, my eyes land on the focal point of beautiful flowers atop a pedestal, it’s beauty inviting and comfortable. Likewise, everyone has their own personal pedestal. We need to understand that there is only room for one on our pedestal, and it’s not us.

Who occupies our heart’s pedestal? Is it self, our dreams and goals, another person, or perhaps our work? Whoever or whatever garners most of our attention inhabits our pedestal. “Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me” (Matthew 10:37).

When we ascend our heart’s pedestal, we will look down on others and think more highly of ourselves than we should (Romans 12:3). It’s not our place. Also, God’s gifts to us—the people in our lives, spiritual gifts, and material blessings—are to be enjoyed with thankfulness to the Lord who loves us; they are not intended to take His place of honor in our hearts and lives. There is only room for One on our pedestal.

Satan knows Jesus’ lawful place as demonstrated in his temptation of Jesus in the wilderness when he tried to use it against Him. “The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world….The devil led him to Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the temple” (Luke 4:5,9). Do I know Jesus’ rightful place, and does my life reflect that awareness?

Jesus died on the pedestal of the cross. Crucifixion was a common form of execution in His day, and many lost their lives on a cross, but there is only One who ever walked out of the grave alive for evermore—Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Therefore, He is the only One worthy to be lifted high on the pedestal of my heart.

“Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him” (John 3:14-15). “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” (John 12:32). “See, my servant will act wisely; he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted” (Isaiah 52:13). No one and nothing in this life or the next will ever take His place.

So, what’s a person who suffers from an exaggerated opinion of oneself to do? “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Jesus will unequivocally reside on my pedestal when I obey Matthew 22:37. Let there be no more, “Scoot over Jesus; here I come!”

I must elevate Jesus and make Him the permanent centerpiece of my heart! I want those who step into the door of my life to see Jesus—not my problems or pain or anything else, for anything other than Jesus is an impostor and an idol. Only when Jesus is showcased on the pedestal of my heart will I experience true joy and fulfillment.

“No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light” (Luke 8:16). There is room for only One on our pedestal.