“I’m a Guy!” Is That a Valid Excuse?

“I’m a Guy!” Is That a Valid Excuse?

“I’m a guy!” Is that a valid excuse? Is my husband implying that because he is a guy that he is totally incapable of vacuuming the house thoroughly?

I appreciate his help. I truly do. He recently retired, and he helps me around the house a lot more than previously. And very seldom do I have to ask for his help; he just does it. Even better. You see, my life is still very busy by choice, and I live in overdrive for the most part compared to his coasting with an occasional pedal to the metal.

Don’t think our arrangement lopsided. There are times I assist my husband with the yardwork, which I don’t enjoy even a little bit; and I make sure he knows it. Without a doubt, I’m sure I fall way short of his expectations and specifications when it comes to my landscaping ability. Regardless, we have learned to work together to make our home and yard presentable. That’s what happily married couples do. Right? We take care of each other, and God takes care of both of us. It works.

“But God, it’s just the way I am. My dad had a horrible temper too.” Do you think God accepts that as a valid excuse? Not a chance.

“But God, my mother drank too much. It’s ingrained in me. It’s who I am.” Ditto.

When I offer an excuse for my sin to God, it implies that I am unable to change myself, which is true long-term. Also, it infers that God is powerless to change me into a new and better version of myself, which is completely untrue. In fact, He is more than able and willing to make all things new and save me from myself.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor. 5:17).

“I’m a guy!” Is that a valid excuse? It may be when it comes to my husband’s deficient vacuuming skills. However, there are no excuses for sinful behavior in God’s eyes. Each one must own their sin, repent, believe in Jesus Christ, and ask God to forgive them and make them brand new. Only He can do that.

So, will my husband ever be able to vacuum according to my definition of clean? Probably not. He’s a guy. And we’re both okay with that.