Fabulous or Frustrating?

I was completely caught off guard, and the day is now forever etched in my brain.  Why did I literally wake up in tears and cry unannounced all day—the day I turned forty?  Emotionally, I was a wreck.  It was just another day, but I was totally unprepared.  Everything in my life was as wonderful as it could be, considering there were two teenage girls in our home.  Wait a minute; maybe that was it.  No, really, life was good, but that particular day for me was awful.

What is it about turning 40?  Looking back, the forties was a great decade for me!  Children graduated from high school and college and then got married.  My first grandchild was born.  Monumentally good things happened in my life.

I have learned that God gives us the power of choice.  “Then choose for yourselves this day” (Josh. 24:15).  The day you turn 40, you get to choose your attitude and reaction.  So what will it be?  Fabulous or Frustrating.  OMG Yea!  I’m 40! or OMG Oh no.  I’m 40.  Rejoicing or Regretting.  Thankful or Tearful.  Youthful or Yammering.  It all adds up to F.O.R.T.Y.

Are you nearing that intersection?  Which road will you choose for your day, your year, your decade?

In the Bible, whenever the “forty” milestone was reached, it was the brink of a new season.  Just over this horizon were many blessings.

“After forty days Noah opened a window he had made in the ark” (Gen. 8:6).  Then new life filled the earth!

“The Israelites had moved about in the wilderness forty years” before they entered “a land flowing with milk and honey” (Josh. 5:6).  Then they received all of God’s wonderful promises!

“For forty days the Philistine came forward every morning and evening and took his stand” (1 Sam. 17:16).  Then David entered the scene and killed the giant standing in his way!

Turn the page.  Begin this new chapter of your life with a Fabulous OMG!  Rejoicing Thankful Youthful expectation!

Happy birthday to my sweet daughter, Janet.  I love you.