Caleb’s Kite

This is a children’s story about a child’s grief.  Dedicated to grandchildren everywhere.  “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it” (Luke 18:17).

Hi.  My name is Caleb, and I am five years old.  I went outside to play today and the wind blew my hair all over the place.  I decided it was a good day to fly my bright blue and red super-heroes kite.

Memaw found it in the hall closet.  We added extra string so it would fly very high.  We went to our favorite place to fly kites, a big open field with lots of room to run.  Little sister came too.

It wasn’t long before the wind lifted my beautiful kite high into the sky.  It was so much fun running and watching my kite go higher and higher.  Before long, I was all out of string and my kite looked like a very small dot in the clouds.

Then it happened.  A big gust of wind jerked the holder out of my hands and away it went.  My kite disappeared behind a big white puffy cloud.  I was sad.  Little sister came and stood beside me.  My kite was gone.

Then I smiled.  I knew what really happened.  My kite flew all the way to heaven, and God caught it.  He recognized my kite and gave it to my mommy who lives there.

“Here.  This is from Caleb,” He told her.  I know she smiled big and softly chuckled like I remember.  I miss my mommy and her cuddles, but I know she is happy as she runs and plays with Jesus.

As Memaw tucked me and little sister in bed for the night, she sat on the side of the bed and we talked about Mommy.

“Caleb, do you remember the last time you talked to your mommy?  She told you that she would soon go live in heaven with Jesus, and she would be well again.  She said if you always keep Jesus in your heart, one day you will go live in heaven too and you will see her again?”

I remember.  I may not have Mommy to kiss me good night, but I still have her little turned up nose.  I still have little sister and lots of people who love me and take care of me.  I still remember Mommy’s warm cuddles and funny chuckles.  And I will always have Jesus living inside of me.

I’m happy.  I know Mommy is happy right now too because she is flying my kite in heaven!