You can learn how to read and understand the Bible for yourself! My books teach people to be self-feeders of God’s Word. You will learn God’s grace is sufficient in all of life’s difficulties, that the Bible is true for us today, and that God is faithful to His Word.

Karen F. Norton is a wife, mother, grandmother, author, and ordained minister who served on a church staff for over thirty years. She is a preacher, teacher, and speaker who is in love with the Lord and has an insatiable appetite for God’s Word.

A seasoned Bible teacher, Karen is extremely passionate about three areas of the Christian walk in particular. The first is assisting believers in developing a strong personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. She believes this Christian life should be a daily walk and lifestyle that includes consistent and disciplined times of Bible reading, prayer, meditation, worship, and journaling. Each born again believer should take responsibility for their own self-feeding and maturing in Christ. Her book, Connections, Second Edition, was written for that purpose.

The second area is marriage and family. Karen has been married to Gene since 1972 and because of God’s grace and faithfulness, they have experienced a healthy and Christ-centered marriage. God blessed them with two amazing daughters: Jamie a missionary to Northern Asia and Janet a pastor’s wife of a large and growing congregation. For over twenty-five years, Karen and Gene have taught many classes and seminars on how to have a godly marriage.

The third area near and dear to Karen’s heart is helping those who have lost loved ones to death safely navigate through their journey of grief. As an associate pastor overseeing pastoral care, one of her responsibilities was facilitating grief support groups. Then grief became very personal as she lost her own daughter, Jamie, age 36, on November 17, 2012, to breast cancer. Jamie’s story, Mom, God’s Got This, highlights Jamie’s victories and struggles in life and death. But it also describes Karen’s journey and a mother’s heart as she travels from mourning to joy, all the while trusting in a loving Heavenly Father and His faithfulness.

Karen is available for pulpit ministry and women’s functions and can be contacted at Karen@lufkin.org.